Complete Project Outsourcing

Add value to your business through our software outsourcing services.

At AXA , we have over 2 decades of experience in providing software outsourcing services to customers across the world. Our focus on emerging technologies, rich pool of qualified and experienced resources, proven processes and adherence on quality and timeliness makes us an attractive option for enterprises that are looking for a software outsourcing.

Develop software applications as a set of independently deployable modular services

Enterprise Software Development

AXA Solutions has been helping enterprises with microservices development to modernize their IT legacy systems with independent, secure and agile microservices applications. With our microservices consulting services, we build projects faster and with simple systems that enable quick repairs, updates and upgrades with minimum to no downtime. We efficiently build applications by leveraging agile and DevOps methodologies as well as other state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Our microservices architecture development services include

Microservices Assessment

Complete assessment of your enterprise IT systems and a strategic roadmap for an easy adoption of microservices.

Microservices Migration

Microservices help in the seamless migration of your monolithic apps and legacy systems to a microservices-based architecture.

Microservices Integration

We build and manage microservices effectively by integrating APIs to make application databases and legacy apps more flexible and agile.

Microservices Testing

Our microservices testing services help you to verify the workflow of the entire work process along with all the services and integrations.

Microservices Support & Maintenance

We provide pro-active support and maintenance services to enhance the quality of microservices applications development and reduce the number of defects.

Microservices and DevOps

Microservices fit perfectly into the DevOps ideals and empowers the implementation of small teams to collaborate together.

Customer onboarding plays a key role in determining

Digital Onboarding Solutions

The relationship with your prospects and existing customers and it is a critical part of the customer journey.It sets the tone for the entire relationship going forward. Every customer's onboarding journey is different but there is one demand in common: fast and flexible interactions with the banks.

Yet, onboarding in traditional ways can lead to frustrating experiences with multiple friction points such as being re-routed to different channels, needing to provide physical identification or having to answer the same question several times.

AXA's Digital Customer Onboarding Solution orchestrates a frictionless and engaging end-to-end onboarding journey. It provides a single platform for banks to onboard customers easily and securely using mobile banking or online banking channels.

AXA has experience in Mobile Application Design & Development with professional developers having more than a decade of experience

Mobile Application Development

AXA follows complete software development cycle from system analysis and architecture to development, installation, OTA, release management, hosting and maintenance of the mobile applications

AXA builds apps on Android & iOS platforms. We also help companies as a Mobile App Consultant in solving tech related queries and code review.

  • icon Custom Firmware development.
  • icon Integration with GCM server.
  • icon OAuth authentication.
  • icon Support for multiple screen designs using latest design guidelines like Material design.
  • icon Mobile application development in native Android, iOS, React Native & Xamarin.
  • icon Firmware and apps OTA platform development.
  • icon Image processing (2D barcode reading, object shape detection, OCR, image enhancement, image classifier etc.)
  • icon Integration of SQL & NO SQL databases like Google Firebase, Mango DB etc.
  • icon Web APIs integration over different protocols (SOAP, JSON, WebApis etc) and Legacy web services

Robotic Process Automation - Cutting through Complexity

Robotic Process Automation

Let your Real People do the Real Work.

Get your organization the digital workforce that can transform the information-intensive business processes, reduce their manual work and minimize costs and errors, while improving the customer engagement.

AXA as one of the emerging robotic process automation companies can help combine RPA, cognitive capture, mobility, engagement, and analytics to ease implementations and deliver significant results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

Web Applications Design &

Web & Applications

Web application development helps businesses achieve their objectives by having online solutions that help in business automation. Customized web application development as per specific business needs results in improved productivity, performance and efficiency.

AXA strives to provide functional and highly usable web applications matching your business requirements and expectations.

AXA provides Internet and Extranet solutions, Create, Deploy and Maintain Applications, Design in accordance to the business needs, Technology utilization w.r.t. latest internet trends, Expertise with B2B, B2C, E-Commerce Solutions and Portal Development.

Below skillset summarizes AXA’s expertise in Web Application Design & Development:

  • iconHTML5, jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS and Node JS.
  • iconCustomized reporting.
  • iconWeb application development in, Web forms and MVC.
  • iconGoogle Map integration for geo location and geo fencing.
  • iconResponsive UI design by using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • iconIntegration with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) server for Push notifications
  • icon Frameworks: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, Zencart, Opencart, Shopify.
  • iconInteraction with client end hardware like Biometric Device, camera etc. through ActiveX and applets.
  • iconWeb application development in Java Server Faces, Servlet, JSP, AJAX, JavaBean, JavaScript, Java Applet.
  • iconLegacy services, SOAP based and Restful using MVC Web API, WCF for intranet and internet solution (XML and JSON).
  • iconIntegration of third party controls like Telerik and Kendo UI for MVC applications.

E-commerce & Payment Gateways

E-commerce & Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a merchant service that processes credit card payments for e-commerce sites, and traditional stores (like Cash Register). It authorizes the transfer of funds between buyer and seller.

AXAhas responded to the need of online shopping /e-commerce by enabling internet businesses to accept payments and manage transactions online through a fast and highly secure Digital Payment System. The solution empowers the customers to do a range of online financial transactions anytime from anywhere by downloading/integrating the payment plugins. Our payment plugin can be seamlessly integrated with the existing online presence for smooth access to payment gateways.

The powerful solution is ideal for merchants with high transaction volumes, but can be customized according to your needs, рrоvіding the ease of use and convenience the сuѕtоmеrѕ expect from any leading e-commerce merchant. We have hands-on expertise in top leading e-commerce domains such as Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify and others.

The key features of our plugins include:

  • iconMultiple Payment Methods
  • iconReal-time Monitoring
  • iconEasy-to-Integrate Solutions
  • icon24 / 7 Tech Support
  • iconInstant Payment Notification (IPN)


Joomla (VirtueMart)
Joomla (VirtueMart)
Zen Cart
Zen Cart

Database Managed Services


In today’s competitive world, database administration and application infrastructure are significant components of any enterprise IT. Many enterprises are facing a challenge in managing increasingly complex and growing data while achieving business goals.

AXA is the pioneer in the database managed services providing deep technical and process expertise to help improve the current database management operations and bring down the total cost of ownership. Our team is proficient in managing complex ERP integration, rollouts, database migrations, and upgrades for some of the largest companies in the world.

Our Services

Database Administration

Our database administration services provide installation, management, and support for databases and database systems required by various software and vendors.

Database Backup

We design robust and resilient database backup solutions to deliver secure, scalable, and durable storage for businesses looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup and recovery environments, without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.

Database Cloning

We leverage fast and effective database cloning service to create clones of all your complex databases. We use a copy-on-write protocol, in which data is copied at the time that data changes, either on the source databases or the clone databases for an efficient process.

Database Migration

Global Vox has an experienced and technologically-sound team that holds expertise in Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, SAP HANA, Azure as well as AWS database migration services who have successfully delivered a vast number of complex migrations and restructuring projects.

Database Monitoring

At Global Vox, we provide database monitoring services that support DBA’s, so that an enterprise can have its complete focus on the core operations. We offer flexible, error-free service to our clients, with regularly notifying them with timely and accurate alerts.

Database Auto Backup & Recovery

Global Vox offers Auto Backup and Recovery services for all databases. While backups are important, the procedure of providing AWS, Azure SAP HANA, Oracle database backup cloud service, amongst others, must be a verified one; you can trust our brand to indulge in nothing but the best.


We leverage robust IT optimization methods to deliver world-class database managed services. Our services support a wide range of technologies including:

SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
AMAZON Web Services
Microsoft Azure